Richard “Breakfree” Anderson (New Zealand)

Richard "Breakfree" Anderson (New Zealand)

Richard from New Zealand, co-founded The Feckers with Chris Szkup after several attempts at putting together a collective of like-minds, sadly those other attempts resulted in either lack of communication or commitment from the other entities involved (something we have touched on in song on a couple of occasions).

Usually the lyricists/ideas man – he feels right at home bouncing his ideas around with Chris.

Previously a collaborator with many artists around the world, Richard has also enjoyed laying down vocals/backing vocals for GONE WILD. He also writes both lyrics and music with his The Feckers/GONE WILD cohort Rob Smith and was involved in the founding of Rob’s label Polar Music New Zealand (they still work together in this capacity when time affords them to do so).

Since forming The Feckers, Richard has enjoyed writing in person more with Chris Szkup, Rob Smith and even with David Austin (who contributed to the title track of the debut EP).

“One thing I have been pleased with us that we have forged a “No idea is a bad idea” approach to our writing and recording. If it seems like fun and is worthy of those involved then we’ll more than likely give it a crack, as long as it rocks, swaggers and rolls”.

When not working on music projects, Richard is very active in his genealogical research, has also done some acting (film and tv projects) and has also written his own concepts and scripts.

Future musical projects are likely to take on a family slant in that he is writing (and has written) material with his niece, Kayla Driskel who will feature on The Feckers material as a backing vocalist (his nephew Kyle makes his debut as a backing vocalist with The Feckers as well in 2018).

Extremely prolific with his writing over the years, Richard enjoys creating with his friends, so The Feckers is the perfect foil for this driven middle aged rocker.

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