Live To Fight Another Day EP

Currently we are tracking for our first EP release – Ponch Satrio applied the pressure for The Feckers to get a single out this year, but we thought we would one-up the bugger and release an EP instead. This is what the track listing is looking like (although the order may be different come release time):

The Feckers – Live To Fight Another Day (2018)

1. Love Them Or Hate Them
2. Devil’s Lament
3. Out Here In The Real World
4. In These Quiet Moments
5. King A.W.O.L
6. Live To Fight Another Day

Project Co-Ordination by Richard Anderson & Chris Szkup
Produced and Arranged by Chris Szkup

Richard Anderson – Lyrics, Concepts, Composition, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Chris Szkup – Composition, Arrangements, Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Dennis Leeflang – All Drums
Ponch Satrio – Guitars
Rob Smith – Musical Composition, Guitars, Backing Vocals
David Austin – Musical Composition
Paul Jolley – Piano, Keyboards
Pat Valley – Guitars
Matteo Bucca – Guitars

Lead Vocals:

Roy Bratbakken – “Love Them Or Hate Them” & “Devil’s Lament”
Irene Slade – “In These Quiet Moments”
Carl Lindquist – “Out Here In The Real World”
Richard Anderson – “King A.W.O.L” & “Live To Fight Another Day”
Chris Szkup – “King A.W.O.L”

Backing Vocals:

Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson & Rob Smith

Additional Backing Vocals:

Kayla Driskel, Kyle Work-Baldwin & Mark “Chopper” Smith

Artwork designed by Dan Verkys based on a concept by Richard Anderson

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