Insight: An Interview with Richard Anderson


An Interview with Richard Anderson

It’s been over 5 years since the release of your debut album, what’s been the hold-up with The Feckers?

I can only speak for myself when I say that real life and all it’s highs and lows, some very lows, have made a habit of getting in the way otherwise I think we would’ve been onto probably a 3rd or 4th album already.

A lot of things have been going on behind the scenes, but we have still been writing and coming up with crazy new ideas all of this time, it’s just been a matter of having the time to see things through to fruition. We have all had other projects that have been going on whilst we have been beavering away writing new music – we could’ve released something ages ago but we felt we wanted to be in a position where we could really enjoy the experiences of the writing/recording sessions rather than force things, so it really was a case of sit back and just let things happen as they happened…I know from talking with Chris back in 2013 that was very much how he was feeling at that time, It took me a bit to slow down as I am always throwing ideas out there and being impatient, but it’s been well worth the wait I have to say.

First up is a new single from The Feckers?
Chris had in his plans to record a version of the W.A.S.P. track “Mean Man” with a different line-up, things weren’t really coming together how he wanted, so he enlisted Dennis to play drums and Alexey Spectre to handle some backing vocals. It’s a great song and this rendition kicks ass!

So what got things rolling again for The Feckers?
Seeing that it’d been a while since we released anything, Ponch Satrio really got on our case in 2017 after he and Chris had met in person for the first time, he suggested that we should get our act together and release an original single in 2018 – so we figured why not?

Then we had planned on releasing an EP in 2018, but things really steamrolled as more and more people came onboard, we already had the songs – it was just a matter of juggling things around so that we had the collection we wanted, with the people we wanted to work with. So with all these people coming onboard and me being in a position to be able to pull things together we got back in touch with them and asked about their availability, and that is what really lead to us changing our minds and launching headlong into another album – it really was meant to be.

How did the album get named?
There’s a track on the album called “Live To Fight Another Day” that is probably one of the most personal recordings I have ever worked on. The fact that I came up with the original idea for both the music and the lyric I am quite proud of that song – as I am them all obviously. Chris has done an amazing job of the arrangement and it’s been fun seeing it come to life, originally I had planned on singing that one all myself but the demos that Chris knocked out lead me to thinking it was probably a better idea that we tag team the vocals for that one…whilst I could’ve left Chris to it himself and it would’ve sounded great that way…really I couldn’t miss out (laughs).

I had an email recently from Rob Smith telling me that 2 songs he and I had co-written feature the line “live to fight another day”, he said I must really have some sort of thing going on there with that line – funnily enough they are both 2 of my favourite songs from different projects we had worked on in the past. Sometimes a line of a lyric will nag away at you that much that you use it again without consciously knowing.

It’s interesting to see other names in songwriting credits…
We felt this time around that it would be cool to work in partnership with some of the other guys that appear on the album. It’s never been an intention for Chris or I to run a situation whereby there is any MUST in the songwriting department, it’s always been about which songs are the best to suit the project at that given time – we also take into account the guest artists, we aren’t going to feed them rubbish just so that someone else has a writing credit (laughs).

Rest assured there is a lot of stuff that hasn’t made the cut over the years, it’s all about having a vision that works adequately…sometimes you have to say no that’s not going to work if the songs aren’t really in keeping with the signature sound of our group, we did have a few submissions that were nothing like anything we would normally be into so we had to pass on them, no offense to any of the guys that may have wanted to make their mark, in the end I think we always seem to get a nice balance of the individual players/singers without forcing things too much.

Who is the production team this time around?
For both”Live To Fight Another Day” and the next album (“Courage Of Conviction”) it’s a teamwork thing, Chris is in charge of overall arranging, Dennis the mixing and I contribute with my 2 penneth in regards to the overall feel of the project and consulting with the talent.

Was the plan always to be that this would be a self produced album?
Stew Long who produced and mixed our first album became unavailable due to a really heavy work schedule at some point, so we decided that we would keep it in house. We knew it would work for us due to the work that Dennis had previously done with mixing the bonus tracks and some tribute album material we had recorded around the time we worked on the first album, it was only going to be a matter of weither he had the means to continue in that capacity and would he want to? Pleasingly he has believed in The Feckers as much as Chris and I have done and decided that yes it was something he could see himself doing, so we have let him at it.

Will the second album feature the same people or will you be introducing some new blood?
It really depended on the songs as to who we asked to join us, but most definitely the intention is always to keep the same core group of Chris, myself, Dennis, Pauly and Rob onboard. There will always be a place for our friends from around the world, who will always be in the thought processes when we are writing as well. That all said we are always open to working with new people, as long as they come into things with no ego, an open mind, a sense of fun and a good work ethic – something everyone who we are working with now all have.

You roped in some family for some backing vocals on this album, how did that come about?
Given that we already had brothers, cousins, girlfriends, an uncle and now ex-wife’s feature on the first album….I figured let’s extend the whole family buzz a wee bit if we had the songs to do it with, and it turned out that we did. A huge bonus for me working on this album was to be able to include both my eldest daughter Jordy and my best friend Chopper in there for backing vocals on “Devil’s Lament”, they both had a lot of fun with it as did Rob and I when we were recording with them. We do have definite plans for them to join us again on the next album.

Who are the featured guitarists on this album?
Chris Szkup, Tommy Denander, Ponch Satrio, Pat Valley, Edo Van Der Kolk, all do some of the solo-ing, with most of the rhythm guitars handled by Chris, with exceptions being when his brother Mathew, Sudev Bangah and Ponch Satrio have doubled up on the rhythm guitar parts – given he wrote the songs with me and/or arranged them too – he really should get the cream of the crop, but he has always been generous where this kind of thing is concerned in that he is happy to let the other guys have some fun and go for it. I really like the dynamic of the 2 or 3 different guitar sounds popping up in the one song – it stops things from sounding all the same all the time that’s for sure.

With this album we have really managed to assemble quite the list of people we have wanted to work with, there were lots of pinch our self moments when people we asked about the prospect of working with them had said yes – and that they really digged the songs we chose for them.

Did you have any material that didn’t make it onto “Live To Fight Another Day” that will be heard later?
There are a couple of tracks that we switched around, for instance “So What?” is another heavy as heck song, we didn’t want to go down the route of having too many of them and just releasing a full on metal album, that would’ve been straying a bit I think. So we’ve saved that one, there is also another track that Chris and I wrote together called “It’s All About The Music”, that’s needed a wee bit of tweaking that one before it would have been album ready…both of those songs will be on the 3rd album.

You seem to have a steady line-up of bass players on this album…
That we do, Chris, Dennis and I felt really blessed to be able to work with Neil Murray, Tony Franklin, Jonathan Noyce and Reese Morin and we did have another guy lined up, but timing hasn’t worked out so maybe he’ll be appearing on the next album with some luck, hopefully along with all these guys again too. The fact that these gents would even want to and that they digged the tunes was something that really impressed us. It wasn’t a case of them dialing it in that’s for sure – we just told them to play what comes natural and to leave their mark if they felt they wanted to. Far be it for us to tell them what to do (laughs). They are all as classy as people as they are musicians.

Was it intimidating at all working with these “named” people?
Not at all, each of them were very much into the process and digged the songs – to get caught up in their reputations and such while you are working on something, at that given time I think would probably be a bit creepy…but in the background I am stoked we got to work with guys who also worked with my favourite drummer Cozy Powell and guitarist Gary Moore…what’s not to love about that? As you get to know people, anyone…even long term associates – it’s better you get to learn a bit more about where they come from musically, that’s always a cool thing and can often influence a few things.

Tony Franklin in particular, he and I have chatted a few times about various music we both have in common that we dig – he’s a great guy and it was always going to be a cool thing working with him, but with all these people as much as ourselves, it had to be the right songs, I know our producer/drummer will agree with me on that (laughs).

Is Dan Verkys still involved with the artwork?
Indeed he is, Dan is great at taking the concepts he is given and bringing them to life – I came up with this one, it’s deeply meaningful on a few levels – it’s great to be able to work with someone on his level artistically, someone who can take our silly little ideas and give them some substance. I can’t see us wanting to work with anyone else in this regards, it’s always a pleasure – and it’s also neat that Chris has now been on hand to perform acoustically at a couple of Dan’s exhibition openings, hopefully one day we can get together as a duo and do a couple of things live at one of his openings.

What’s next for The Feckers?
We are also working on a couple of special side projects and more ideas are being thrown around for the 3rd album already too. We had a few tracks that didn’t make this album that we felt we would hold over for the next round – it’s going to be another strong collection of songs.

We also have plans for releasing a special concept EP, hopefully in between this album and the next, there will be other EP’s to come as well as a 4th album…after that, who knows? we might be too old to rock by then (laughs).

NEW MUSIC!!! “Mean Man” – Free download available!!!

Mean Man – Artwork by Dan Verkys!!
Tugra Ismail – Vocals

We often find when we’re making music that we are so inspired and end up with way too much stuff. These are usually in the way of writing too many songs to physically fit on an album, but once in a while we might do a version of someone else’s song as well, purely for fun, cause we are music lovers just like you guys! This happened during the creation of the forthcoming “Live To Fight Another Day” album as well. Somewhere, somehow, a cover of the great

Chris Szkup – Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals

W.A.S.P. song “Mean Man” happened, and while we’re finishing that album up, we thought it would be cool to throw it out there for you guys to hear!!! Hope you enjoy!!! This song also marks the debut of Melbourne based singer / guitarist Tugra Ismail with us – great to have you along, and a special thanks for quite literally saving this song!!!



Dennis Leeflang – Drums and Mix

Tugra Ismail – Lead Vocals
Chris Szkup – Rhythm, lead and bass guitars, backing vocals

Dennis Leeflang – Drums, mix
Mathew Szkup – Rhythm guitar
Alexey Spectre – Backing vocals

Mixed by Dennis Leeflang @ Livelong Productions, Mastered by Maor Appelbaum Mastering, Artwork by Dan Verkys.

“Mean Man” (Written by Steve Edward Duren), originally appears on the W.A.S.P. album “The Headless Children” from 1989. That is a killer song and album, so make sure you check it out and go buy it you bastards!!


“Mean Man” – Mp3 Version

The Feckers – LTFAD Sessions…January 2019 Update

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Last week Chris and I got together to work on some vocal tracks and also got down to a bit of writing for album #3 (“Courage Of Conviction”), which was loads of fun and very fruitful, with 4 new songs being worked on (Chris has demoed one of them already).

While I was in Melbourne the opportunity to get together to perform “Slackers & Wankers” acoustically wasn’t something we were going to pass up, great fun was had and the feedback from the people at the Basement Bar was excellent, so there will be a return performance later in the year.

In “Live To Fight Another Day” news, the album is nearly completed, all drum tracks are now done (cheers to Dennis Leeflang), the final mix of the title track is now completed. The plan now is to have the last bits and pieces (just some lead vocals and guitar, bass and keyboard parts) for the album completed and then we will go on with the process of final mixing (it can be quite a long process but very rewarding) and then mastering. Hopefully we’ll be able to release the album around September.

In the meantime we will continue with laying down the foundations for the recording of the 3rd album, a few of the other guys have expressed an interest in contributing to the writing –  in fact Paul Jolley will be credited with writing at least 2 of the songs from “Courage Of Conviction”, Rob Smith is responsible for writing one song, Chris has a song of his own he has thrown into the pot. It’s looking likely that we will have more than enough songs to fill the album (we have actually written enough already, but as we find when we add to the pot we wind up coming up with some killer ideas…so follow the muse we shall). Alexey Spectre and Roy Bratbakken may also have musical contributions added to the fold.


til next time….







The Feckers – LTFAD Sessions…December 2018 Update

In October, Richard and Chris managed to get together in Melbourne and Brisbane…great fun was had, it was a huge in person reunion that saw the taking in of some massive Cheap Trick concerts the guys also got to spend some time with Cheap Trick themselves, which was something special.

During that same week Vocals/Backing Vocals were recorded for 2 tracks off the upcoming 2nd album, for “In These Quiet Moments” (a first time recording outside of New Zealand for Richard) and “Never Too Old To Rock” (which we hope will have an accompanying video ready to go early in 2019).


Richard and Chris enjoying a chicken parma meal before the Melbourne Cheap Trick concert.

The last week has seen vocals come in from Roy Bratbakken for the song “Out Here In The Real World”, and harmonica (a first for us) on “In These Quiet Moments” courtesy of Trent Williamson, Chris Szkup also re-recorded his guitar parts and added his harmony vocals, and some ukelele too and it’s all sounding fantastic…that’s 2 more songs that are almost completed.

Writing and arranging of the final album track (we think, plans can always change) “Beyond Good & Evil” is near completion and Chris has done a fantastic job of this (as always).

December should see the release of a special cover track featuring Tuğra Ismail (Vocals), Chris Szkup (Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals), Dennis Leeflang (Drums), Alexey Spectre (Backing Vocals)…we hope people enjoy what they hear and crank up loud!

“Live To Fight Another Day” – another update!!!

Sessions for “Live To Fight Another Day” have been going really, really well…we have now listed a few more of the tracks and guests here:

Getting to work with Neil Murray and Tony Franklin has been a huge blessing and their work sounds fantastic – thankfully they really got into the spirit of things and have been as wonderful as the rest of our mates in the Feckers realm.

                     Richard & Chris (and Fat Yak’s)

Chris and I are finally catching up in person next week, firstly on Monday October 15, 2018 – we’re off to see the mighty Cheap Trick in concert, then the next day we’re going to record some vocals and backing vocals for the album (pics/video to come), before I fly out Wednesday to Brisbane, and Chris flies out to Sydney….we’ll meet up again on the Thursday in Brisbane for another round of CT asskicking!

I fly home on the Friday and then we commence getting the last few tracks up to album worthy speed (once Chris gets back home himself that is), there’s just some wee arrangement ideas we need to tweak then we can get Dennis knocking out some drum tracks.

Currently we’re waiting on more of the lead vocal tracks to be completed (Roy, Alexey and Raphael all have some stuff yet to be finished), as well as a few other guest cameo things (hopefully they all fall into place as intended), a few guitar tracks and some bass….we’ll also add any additional backing vocals as we go…the technical side of things (mixing, mastering, artwork, CD duplication etc etc) is being tended to in 2019. 

The aim at this stage is for a mid-late 2019 release date for “Live To Fight Another Day”, it would’ve been sooner but I am off to the UK/Ireland for a much needed (and deserved?) 3 week vacation where I will be meeting up with one of our cohorts (Paul Jolley) and at least a couple of our greatest supporters, as well as some family too. Whilst I hate to hold up production of this album, it’s a matter of having to, but rest assured this (and the other things we have planned) will be worth the wait!

We have already got a few tracks written now for album #3 (“Courage Of Conviction”), so a 2021 release time frame is being looked at for that – with a rock opera concept EP called “Renegade” planned for 2020. We’re also throwing around ideas for a couple of other special things…but more on those later when we can confirm their existence 🙂


thanks for hanging in there….

yours in Feckery…as always, Richard

Even More “Live To Fight Another Day” updates!!!

“The universe is telling us this should probably be an album and not an EP”

  • these words were uttered by Chris Szkup recently when we were in discussions as to what was actually happening behind the scenes……the end result, forget the 2xEP idea, we’re full steam ahead on album #2 “Live To Fight Another Day”….and then some….
writing sessions in 2010 where we wrote “King A.W.O.L”, “In These Quiet Moments” and “It’s All About The Music”
  • Late 2018 should hopefully see the release of at least one single from The Feckers – there is the plan to release another one in 2019 with an official conceptual video, we are in talks with an up and coming director about this at the moment (we like the idea of working with someone young and full of the ideas rather than some tired boring old bossy bastard!)


  • Recording of “Live To Fight Another Day” see’s a few more special guest cameo’s (more on them later) have happened this time around – both Chris and I have had a few pinch ourselves moments already.


  • Mid-Late 2019 we hope to wrap the 13 tracks we are working on for the album, this includes mixing and mastering (we’re also writing for 3rd album as well as various EP projects).


  • Dennis Leeflang is mixing/co-producing “Live To Fight Another Day” – and if he isn’t sick of us after that we will keep him onboard for the next album (we did mention there will be a 3rd album didn’t we?)  – note: Dennis is still playing the drums.


  • We are very pleased that we have the wonderful Dan Verkys back onboard to bring the artwork to life – I am pretty good at conjuring up ideas but totally crap at making them a happening thing, so it’s great that we have a guy of this nature onboard as part of the team.


  • On the talent front, a lot of the team that were on our debut album will be back in some form, Chris and I have had fun working out who’s playing/singing what – bouncing around ideas back and forth is always a fun thing for us – sometimes we have so many ideas that it leads us to planning for the future as well….


  • So how are the sessions going you may ask… may also get an answer, and that would probably be (if you happened to ask)….fucking brilliantly! The energy levels are pretty high while things are going on – so much so that I have been running on less than my usual bugger all sleep, fielding emails, checking out mixes….flicking mp3’s, wav’s and all that technical good shit to the four winds has been a fun ride so far, and we really are only getting warmed up :p
“don’t forget the lyric sheet”
  • I recently had a recording session with Rob Smith engineering the vocal takes – it was good to be back in the swing of things as it has been quite some time since I last had a crack at something, what made this even more fulfilling was that both my best friend and my daughter were on hand to do a bit of backing vocal singing type stuff, miracles do happen…..


  • special thanks especially to Chris, Dennis, Rob, Uncle Pauly and Roy for helping to kick the ass out of these songs….


cheers for now, yours in Feckery – Richard


More “Live To Fight Another Day” updates!!!

Dennis Leeflang's recording setup on "Out Here In The Real World".
Dennis Leeflang’s recording setup on “Out Here In The Real World”.
Dennis Leeflang's recording setup on "In These Quiet Moments"!!
Dennis Leeflang’s recording setup on “In These Quiet Moments”!!

The last two weeks have seen further work on the forthcoming EP “Live to Fight Another Day”, with Dennis Leeflang nailing his drum tracks on “Out Here In The Real World”, “In These Quiet Moments” and “King AWOL”, from his new studio in LA, and it sounds like he’s having a blast!! Perhaps one day we might have to ask this guy to do a retake on something…..nah, come to think of, no we won’t!!

There is drums on one song to go, which just happens to be the title track “Live To Fight Another Day”. Says Richard about this one – “…the message behind this song is – be empowered, don’t let anyone strip you of your pride or sense of humour…”

We’re also very happy to announce that as well as the amazing drum and percussion parts he always brings, Dennis will also be handling mixing for the EP. Richard and Chris had been in discussions about who might be available, who they liked etc, when they realised that the perfect guy was already right under their noses, having even mixed the 4 singles released in 2012 prior to “It’d Be Rude Not To” coming out the following year.

Further news is that Carl Lindquist will be coming to the party with vocals on the track “Out Here In The Real World”. Carl previously joined us on the track “Music Keeps Me Sane”, which we did a goofy video for that you can see here if you haven’t already. To say we’re looking forward to teaming up again is an understatement!!

Chris performing on May 25, 2018 at The Basement Cafe and Bar in Melbourne, Australia!!
Chris performing on May 25, 2018 at The Basement Cafe and Bar in Melbourne, Australia!!

Chris recently got back to The Basement Cafe & Bar in Melbourne to bust out some forthcoming material as he is often known to do, as well as a few favourite covers. On this occasion it was “Out Here In The Real World” which got it’s second ever performance, as well as a forthcoming TCSO song called “One Half Of Two”.

“Devil’s Lament” underway in LA and Melbourne!!

"Devils Drums" - photo from Dennis Leeflang's studio, during the tracking of "Devil's Lament".
“Devils Drums” – Photo by Dennis Leeflang

This past week, “Devil’s Lament”, the second track from the “Live To Fight Another Day” EP has begun to take shape in both LA and Melbourne. Earlier on, Dennis Leeflang, with a nice new location and gear to break in, smashed out a killer drum track in LA, then by week’s end, Chris added some final tweaks to the guide vocals before sending the song to Roy Bratbakken, who will be bringing the brewtality from his dungeon in Norway!!

The song is a real straight up rock n roller, perhaps reminiscent of AC/DC as far as the riffs go, with quite a bit of room for lead guitar stuff – luckily we have one or two guys who can cover this role well in The Feckers!

Guide Vocals at CS-Songs
Guide Vocals at CS-Songs

This song began as some off the cuff riffing from Rob Smith some years back in New Zealand, and was originally intended for another project, although that didn’t come to be. Richard and Chris had heard the stuff, and could see the potential in the riffs, using an afternoon at Chris’ place in Melbourne to come up with vocal ideas and lyrics, again in a very off the cuff style similar to how the music was created.

We think anyone that enjoyed our earlier music will certainly be ok with this song and then some!

This coming week will see Dennis playing his parts on “Out Here In The Real World” and “In These Quiet Moments”,  the third and fourth songs from the EP. Stay tuned for more!!

Live To Fight Another Day (2019)

The Feckers – Live To Fight Another Day (2019)

This album is dedicated in loving memory of Bysh Szkup and William Work – men of a certain breed who taught us to believe in ourselves and to go for it and not let anyone tell us no.

1. Love Them Or Hate Them ft Roy (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
2. Devil’s Lament ft Roy (R.Smith, C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
3. Out Here In The Real World ft Roy (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
4. In These Quiet Moments ft Richard (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
5. Live To Fight Another Day ft Richard, Chris & Lydia (R.Anderson, C.Szkup)
6. King A.W.O.L ft Raphael (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
7. Pardon Me ft Raphael (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
8. This Is What We Do ft Raphael(R.Smith)
9. Never Too Old To Rock ft Raphael (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
10. Walk To Destiny ft Alexey (A.Spectre, R.Anderson, arr: C.Szkup)
11. Don’t Mind If We Do ft Roy (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)
12. Between Good & Evil ft Chris (C.Szkup, R.Anderson)

Project Co-Ordination by Richard Anderson & Chris Szkup
Produced and Arranged by Chris Szkup
Co-Produced & Mixed by Dennis Leeflang
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum
Artwork by Dan Verkys based upon a concept by Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson – Lyrics & Concepts, Musical Composition, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Chris Szkup – Musical Composition/Arrangements, Guitars, Bass, Ukelele, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Dennis Leeflang – All Drums
Paul Jolley – Piano, Organ, Keyboards
Rob Smith – Musical Composition, Vocal Session Engineering, Backing Vocals
Reese Morin – Bass on “Out Here In The Real World”/”In These Quiet Moments”/”Pardon Me”/”This Is What We Do”/”Never Too Old To Rock”
Tony Franklin – Bass on “Love Them Or Hate Them”/”Devil’s Lament”/”Walk To Destiny”
Neil Murray – Bass on “Live To Fight Another Day”
Ponch “Bugger” Satrio – Guitars Solo’s on on “Love Them Or Hate Them”/”Don’t Mind If We Do”/”This Is What We Do”/”Beyond Good & Evil”
Tommy Denander – Guitar Solo’s on “Devil’s Lament”
Matt Szkup – Rhythm Guitars on “Don’t Mind If We Do”
Sudev “Nockas” Bangah – Rhythm Guitars on “Out Here In The Real World”
Trent Williamson – Harmonica on “In These Quiet Moments”
Pat Valley – Guitar Solo’s on “Never Too Old To Rock”
Edo Van Der Kolk – Guitar Solo’s on “Pardon Me”
Matteo Bucca – Bass on “King A.W.O.L”
Jonathon Noyce – Bass on “Between Good & Evil”

Lead Vocals:

Roy Bratbakken – “Love Them Or Hate Them”/”Devil’s Lament”/”Out Here In The Real World”/”Pardon Me”/”Don’t Mind If We Do”
Richard Anderson – “In These Quiet Moments”/”Live To Fight Another Day”
Chris Szkup – “Live To Fight Another Day”/”Between Good & Evil”
Lydia Salnikova – “Live To Fight Another Day”
Raphael Gazal – “King A.W.O.L”/”This Is What We Do”/”Never Too Old To Rock”
Alexey Spectre – “Walk To Destiny”

Backing Vocals:

Chris Szkup, Richard Anderson, Rob Smith, Lydia Salnikova, Jordayne “Jordy” Gibson, Mark “Chopper” Smith


Free Deep Purple cover from Roy and Chris!!

Stormbringer Artwork by Dan Verkys
Stormbringer Artwork by Dan Verkys

Cover version of the great Deep Purple mkiii song, written by Richie Blackmore and David Coverdale.

When looking for the next track for their “Dungeon Sessions”, Roy had mentioned that he always had wanted to attempt to sing the song, but he wasn’t sure if it could be done. Afterall, he’s singing the parts of both Coverdale AND Hughes – no easy task, but it sounded like a good reason to make this the next song in those sessions.

Chris liked the challenge of being able to build a track for him to attempt his vocals on, and got to work on things when this came up, while he was probably having some of the same thoughts Roy had along the lines of “holy shit, can I do this”? The results are obviously a new take on things that hopefully pay respects to the original as well. We’re certainly happy with it.

Visit the Bandcamp store from here, or click the embedded link below to listen / download!!